chronicle #2 Enchanted storytellers with hands full of clay

September 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

Lisovika by Piotr Ribaczek

The story is the following: only in 2009, I was being awakened to the world of design — until then, design was for me something vague and indefinite, and above all, unreachable. I must admit that I didn’t understand much about art, back then. Only two years ago, I was coming out of a cocoon of self-preservation called the blind study of knowledge: this big fridge in which academy store texts and images, and about which they can’t be bothered taking time to explain. However, within this unawareness, one of my favourite activities was already to wander about in museums, especially museums like the V&A. Already in love with it, that exhibition — 2 years ago — took me to a world of enchantment, the exact world I feel at ease in, a sort of Wonderland. Where objects share both beauty and a sort of fright about them.

TELLING TALES Fantasy and Fear in Contemporary Design (in 2009 in the V&A, London) — website here.

So, fantasy and fear. This is what it is all about: welcome to the world of fairytales, these founders of childhood, adulthood, humanhood, humanity… in this exhibition, ordinary objects were given life. Today these designers, mainly from Northern Europe, keep up this pace (Tord Boontje, Weiki Somers, Studio Job…)In this tradition, I want to mention a place I visited in Barcelona “The Basilica Galeria”, a jewel shop that regularly hosts artists actually. That time when I visited it, it had plenty of hybrid images about the walls – human bodies with animal heads, dressed in Renaissance style, quite funny and somewhat grotesque, as these mixtures all are. I can’t recall the name of the artist, but I do remember the mannequins exhibited that time in the shop. They were all by Piotr Rybaczek (pressbook here).

How ordinary lives and bodies can be transformed and enter the dimension of dreams through monster design…Designers are storytellers, with their hands modelling ordinary dust into the strangest shapes.


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