chronicle #6 And now…?

September 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Just out of the cinema, where I watched Nadine Labaki’s “Et maintenant on va où?” (Where do we go now? – ). The Lebanese director shows with humour and delicacy how stupid and contradictory religious beliefs divide a village that had lives in peace for generations before the beginning of the war. The village wives will imagine everything to save the husbands, the sons, the brothers who are still alive. The ones who survived the war fought in the name of God in their country.

This is not the place to discuss religious considerations. But this movie is so beautiful, so touching, so funny despite its true sadness and cruel reality that I felt a couple of words about it wouldn’t be wasted. What does it mean, being a Christian or being a Muslim when your loved ones fight and kill one another everyday? If this must be the price for peace… this is stupid. Yes, the movie asks “where shall we go? left or right? which part of the cemetery should we bury our children?” but do we need to make that choice… It will sound simple-minded, but the best movies and the best books are about the oldest thing in the world: how to live together and love each other despite all the bullshit we are able to invent to make war on our neighbours.

In the end, these women who are always dressed in black, and perpetually mourn for a world dancing on frail ideologies, just need to change their clothes and pray to a different God to make up a truce. Covered hair, uncovered, dressed in black or with coloured clothes, you need to keep up with appearances. Is God just a matter of appearances? This mother who loses her younger son tells her daughter “I don’t want to see you cry anymore. Wear colourful clothes.” Basically, just deceive the men so that they stop fighting. And it’s all about this. Men in this movie are blind. They are blinded by the black veil or the golden cross worn by their wives. Faith is long gone, and dignity at the same time. These women show that humanity should be above a prayer in the morning or a midnight mass. The God of the Christians said “Don’t adore idols” — I don’t know if the God of the Muslims (who’s probably the same if he’s up there) said the same through the mouth of the Prophet; well, he probably did. So, no, don’t adore idols. And better, don’t kill in their names.

I strongly recommend this movie, along with its beautiful soundtrack. Laugh and cry. And love, godammit.


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