chronicles #7 On the wild side of the road

October 14, 2011 § 1 Comment

Everybody talks about it, everybody’s listening to its soundtrack and nearly all my male friends are pretending to be Ryan Gosling since they’ve seen Drive. The gloves, the shining scorpio jacket, the aviator glasses and the hammer (bonus accessory). Nightcall posted on the facebook wall to show they’ve loved the movie. Yes, I can’t deny it, Drive is just a killer movie. A perfect killer. everything’s perfect, especially the photography and the light. The length of the scenes is perfect (too long? no. Just enough time to enjoy the perfect framing). An expressionless hero, about whom we don’t know anything. Where does he come from, where will he go, why is he behaving like this, how did he learn to kill like this? A sort of vintage avenger, on the whole.

Vintage Californian. This is how this movie can be described, with a slight Tarantino touch in the second part, not even more subtle. Apart from this, the whole movie seems to have been shot with this old camera of my Dad’s. Same rays of sun falling on my Mum’s face on that photograph in which she’s sitting on the bank of a river — I’m thinking about the scene Carey Mulligan is herself musing about near the river and what we see is more the sun in the leaves than the actual scene. I love this way of shooting, because it’s just so fashionable, and so “what we lost souls would want to be”. A real human being, and a real hero. Or at least pictures in which we’re pretending to have real heroic lives.

The trailer actually doesn’t show anything of what Drive really is. It almost looks like a random action movie except for the part Ryan cold bloodily kills all the bad guys with either a hammer or his own angry fists, which turn out to be the same in effects. But don’t watch the movie for its action plot. That wouldn’t be so exciting. Go for it, to see Gosling with his half concealed in the dark, leaning on a racing car like we damn would die to drive in even once in our lives, admire the way he manages to be so inhumanly closed to any sort of feeling and at the same time the human feelings are bursting out of each hole of his skin. And finally, go and listen to the soundtrack, without which this movie wouldn’t be halfway through where it is now.


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