Smilla smiles: inspired design is powerful

October 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

If you haven’t felt elated after this commercial, there must be something wrong. With you – sorry about this – not the commercial. Too often are marketing and commercial crudely turned down, despised. But when inspired humane design is combined with promotion, there’s nothing more powerful. Well, or maybe a few things, but from a creative point of view, you’ve already reached a meaningful stage. This is what Austrian designer Stefan Sagmeister does. He allegedly combines personal experience with marketing design works for companies. He divulges a message, he promotes, in some way, progress and peace. There is something about awareness in his works. People who refuse to acknowledge creative marketing campaigns as art should have a look at Sagmeister’s work.

To do so, I strongly recommend the exhibition about Sagmeister’s design works for promotion purposes in Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, from now until Feb. 2012: “Stefan Sagmeister – Another Exhibit”. You’ll meet with him (via some of his TED conferences) quite early and instantaneously realize how strong the power of personal development can be in professional work. He basically shows how liberating and inspiring a time off can be on your creative instincts – especially of you’ve started feeling like a goldfish in its bowl lately at work. He also makes you think about how curious simple sentences of an everyday life philosophy can provide ground to powerful marketing messages.

Everybody monkey in Glasgow

But it’s not only about selling. Well, it is, of course, but it’s about sharing – that’s what I felt. You can see these huge monkeys scattered across the world, each of them carrying a one-word board. You have to travel around to match one word with the others and find out the complete sentence says: “Everybody always thinks they are right.” And that’s indeed how most of the conflicts and wars start. This was to initiate the Six Cities Design Festival; and was commissioned by the Scottish government (haha and here’s the personal heartbeat coming up – Glasgow, I love you!) So, well…this is not only about how marketing can become a work of art (as a matter of fact, marketing design is already art in itself because it’s strong design with a message). It’s more about how you can share and bring people together through art, via a support that’s supposed to remain commercial. This is how far personal involvement goes…

For an insight into Sagmeister’s studio:

I also recommend Sagmeister’s TED videos.


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