Smilla smiles: my life is a mess

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You spend at least 1h30 in public transports everyday. You work at least 8 hours a day and I’m not including the time you spend on trying to organize your organizer. Now fall is ending so you get home at least three times a week with wet shoes. Yes, the world is hostile. So, as a result, when you come home, you 1) leave your bag on the floor in the door hall and sometimes sprill the whole content right there, 2) take off your shoes in front of the shoe cupboard, just with all your other pairs of wet stilettos from the days before, 3) leave your open mail on the table without putting the torn envelopes into the trash, 4) just lay down face against the pillow wondering what the heck you were thinking about when you signed for this.

Material result: your life is mess. Well, so is mine. But luckily for us, artists like Ursus Wherli put our daily world in order (visit his website, but be warned, it’s in German — I think. He’s Swiss so I guess this would make sense).

So this is his work with a fruit salad, but there are others you can check here on Fubiz (The Art of Clean Up) but, most of all, I strongly recommend this video of his TED conference of his first book, “Tidying up Art”. ‘Cause you have to have a good dose of humour when you decide to tidy up years of artistic habits 😉

Pictures properties of their author Ursus Wehrli.


(wwl) paint behind clouds

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One of the most satisfactory feelings for a blogger is to discover a greater website than yours (here, and one you watch everyday, has published a post about an artist you’ve blogged before yourself. Well better than this in this case since I discovered Erlend Tait in that remote underground art gallery off Great Western road in Glasgow almost one year ago, and I noticed with curiosity and fascination this representation of Odin (Wotan in Celtic) with half his face concealed behind a cloud of screen print pop-art clouds, and its almost twin figure from the Thuata Dé Danann (the Children of Dana) mythological saga, the god Dagda.



A powerful god turned into someone who looks more than human. I love the humour that lies in this picture, and also the simple sense of aesthetics. The second one, Dagda, is the good God. The one who’s supposed to protect and guide you. Pray Dagda (this sounds like Dad), lead me out of darkness, because I need it. The child-spirited artist who painted these clouds on your beard only enhanced the fact you’re hidden somewhere — hopefully.

Of course I will mention the Scottish gallery where I discovered Erlend Tait, because it’s a highly inspirational place, small but full of energy and creativity: Recoat Gallery.

ALL images properties of their author of course.

(wwl) eerie apocalypse and ghostly dreams

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There’s something wonderful about the pictorial multitude we’re submerged with. The wonderful thing is that in the middle of this ocean of catastrophic images, there are numerous rafts on which we can climb, rafts on which we discover real new worlds – in which we get dreamy and suddenly, there we fall down into another world. Like Alice when she starts falling into that dwell. So the postmodern age actually has something to show us. It suddenly blows up before our faces. Eerie photography.

There we are: right from a fish tank, the photography of Ryan McGinley. It’s like looking at these ashes falling down on from heavens, like a message from the apocalyptic world. But still, these eyes look alive, almost surprised and there’s something nearly happy in the corners of the mouth. In the meantime, it’s as if this young person was looking at the planet Melancholia coming to hit our planet right away. There is a ray of chaos about – yes, I feel like trying to sound poetic tonight.

Below, some of Ryan McGinley’s photographs. I love the end-of-the world feeling they’re giving. And of course, special mention for those taken inside caves. I’ve sat once on the bank of a cristal clear underground lake, and this feeling, is like going back into silence and being at one with this earth all around. I wish you could feel this. In the meantime, just feel the power of our last days on this planet.

Good night.

ALL photographs the property of their author Ryan McGinley. For some more pictures, check this Bloodyloud article).

chronicle #9 Golden cave

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The man perfectly knew. But wouldn’t admit – that he was afraid of himself and mistrusted his ability to get over past wounds. However she found out very easily and quite naturally. There he would stand with his skin bare open to the skies, and acid rains made him even ticklish inside. Then sour. Then bitter and burning.

Once the woman trusted, once she yielded. She knew but could not speak. Her favourite hideout became the golden cave and there she would lie motionless, drifting away out of fear. Slowly and one by one, bat wing leaves would cover her eyes, and her whole body. Later even the cave forgot her. She died in a dry crying cocoon.

And never shall man and woman be together again.

chronicle #8 Let’s skip some stones

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I think it’s high time to say a word about a band that has been keeping my ears singing and my fingers snapping for the last few weeks. I often sneak out on Tuesdays to listen to some live music in the underground part of a bar nestled down near the Pantheon in Paris. There are usually very good guitar players and live singers or both in one single person, most of the time. But once I heard these five guys playing the guitar, the drums and singing in acoustic and that was more than what I expected. I just sit there baffled thinking how awesome what I just heard was. So this is how I listened to the first time to Natas Loves You – and also how I came to meet the guys, who’re pretty cool in real life themselves!

I don’t think I need to give too many details about the band here, the main point of music being to listen to it. It’s pop rock, it can sometimes be kind of dark, to me. I’m just loving the whole thing for its capacity to be both mainstream and original, with these notes that can sound a bit odd but nevertheless fall perfectly into place with the rest. The following is just my favourite one at the moment (well since I can’t lay my hands on “Golden Copper” in any Internet form) – Skip Stones.

Next Friday at the re-opening of the cub Chez Régine, Paris.

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