chronicle #8 Let’s skip some stones

November 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

I think it’s high time to say a word about a band that has been keeping my ears singing and my fingers snapping for the last few weeks. I often sneak out on Tuesdays to listen to some live music in the underground part of a bar nestled down near the Pantheon in Paris. There are usually very good guitar players and live singers or both in one single person, most of the time. But once I heard these five guys playing the guitar, the drums and singing in acoustic and that was more than what I expected. I just sit there baffled thinking how awesome what I just heard was. So this is how I listened to the first time to Natas Loves You – and also how I came to meet the guys, who’re pretty cool in real life themselves!

I don’t think I need to give too many details about the band here, the main point of music being to listen to it. It’s pop rock, it can sometimes be kind of dark, to me. I’m just loving the whole thing for its capacity to be both mainstream and original, with these notes that can sound a bit odd but nevertheless fall perfectly into place with the rest. The following is just my favourite one at the moment (well since I can’t lay my hands on “Golden Copper” in any Internet form) – Skip Stones.

Next Friday at the re-opening of the cub Chez Régine, Paris.


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