(wwl) eerie apocalypse and ghostly dreams

November 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

There’s something wonderful about the pictorial multitude we’re submerged with. The wonderful thing is that in the middle of this ocean of catastrophic images, there are numerous rafts on which we can climb, rafts on which we discover real new worlds – in which we get dreamy and suddenly, there we fall down into another world. Like Alice when she starts falling into that dwell. So the postmodern age actually has something to show us. It suddenly blows up before our faces. Eerie photography.

There we are: right from a fish tank, the photography of Ryan McGinley. It’s like looking at these ashes falling down on from heavens, like a message from the apocalyptic world. But still, these eyes look alive, almost surprised and there’s something nearly happy in the corners of the mouth. In the meantime, it’s as if this young person was looking at the planet Melancholia coming to hit our planet right away. There is a ray of chaos about – yes, I feel like trying to sound poetic tonight.

Below, some of Ryan McGinley’s photographs. I love the end-of-the world feeling they’re giving. And of course, special mention for those taken inside caves. I’ve sat once on the bank of a cristal clear underground lake, and this feeling, is like going back into silence and being at one with this earth all around. I wish you could feel this. In the meantime, just feel the power of our last days on this planet.

Good night.

ALL photographs the property of their author Ryan McGinley. For some more pictures, check this Bloodyloud article).


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