(wwl) paint behind clouds

November 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

One of the most satisfactory feelings for a blogger is to discover a greater website than yours (here Bloodyloud.com), and one you watch everyday, has published a post about an artist you’ve blogged before yourself. Well better than this in this case since I discovered Erlend Tait in that remote underground art gallery off Great Western road in Glasgow almost one year ago, and I noticed with curiosity and fascination this representation of Odin (Wotan in Celtic) with half his face concealed behind a cloud of screen print pop-art clouds, and its almost twin figure from the Thuata Dé Danann (the Children of Dana) mythological saga, the god Dagda.



A powerful god turned into someone who looks more than human. I love the humour that lies in this picture, and also the simple sense of aesthetics. The second one, Dagda, is the good God. The one who’s supposed to protect and guide you. Pray Dagda (this sounds like Dad), lead me out of darkness, because I need it. The child-spirited artist who painted these clouds on your beard only enhanced the fact you’re hidden somewhere — hopefully.

Of course I will mention the Scottish gallery where I discovered Erlend Tait, because it’s a highly inspirational place, small but full of energy and creativity: Recoat Gallery.

ALL images properties of their author of course.


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