Smilla smiles: my life is a mess

November 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

You spend at least 1h30 in public transports everyday. You work at least 8 hours a day and I’m not including the time you spend on trying to organize your organizer. Now fall is ending so you get home at least three times a week with wet shoes. Yes, the world is hostile. So, as a result, when you come home, you 1) leave your bag on the floor in the door hall and sometimes sprill the whole content right there, 2) take off your shoes in front of the shoe cupboard, just with all your other pairs of wet stilettos from the days before, 3) leave your open mail on the table without putting the torn envelopes into the trash, 4) just lay down face against the pillow wondering what the heck you were thinking about when you signed for this.

Material result: your life is mess. Well, so is mine. But luckily for us, artists like Ursus Wherli put our daily world in order (visit his website, but be warned, it’s in German — I think. He’s Swiss so I guess this would make sense).

So this is his work with a fruit salad, but there are others you can check here on Fubiz (The Art of Clean Up) but, most of all, I strongly recommend this video of his TED conference of his first book, “Tidying up Art”. ‘Cause you have to have a good dose of humour when you decide to tidy up years of artistic habits 😉

Pictures properties of their author Ursus Wehrli.


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