chronicle #10 Our digital Xmas

December 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Xmas is approaching, yes yes, and everybody’s running about in Paris (and probably everywhere else in the werstern world) to buy more or less original presents for friends and family. Shops desperately try to attract people (I have recently been invited to a special “VIP” night in the FNAC, a French mediastore, where I was offered champaign and munch canapés just next to books and kindles…). They open on Sundays. You can’t go shopping on Saturdays anymore unless you have a marked taste for frentic crowds of middle-aged nutties. Welcome to the world of Xmas time!

In the middle of this red and golden swirl, tinted with sparkles and blinking lights, who remembers what happened on Xmas day, except for the radical Christians who demonstrate on Avenue de l’Opéra to convince you we should ban works of art that offend Christ and the Lord? But this is another debate of course. So, I was asking: who remembers? Well, the Portuguese communication agency Excentric reminded us last year that lil’ Jesus was born on that day, and that we’re actually celebrating his birthday ! Hurray ! Happy Birthday lil’ Jesus: it’s actually for you we should buy presents. But no worries; the radicals are already making sure you’ve got a survival kit.

Check out the digital story of the Nativity: already on year old, but it’s the same story every year so no out-of-date comments here.


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