Smilla smiles: hummm! creactivity

December 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Try not to panic, take a deep breath before reading this, but, ladies and gents, I have found the online place where you’re gonna shop cute things all the time. It’s also the same place you’re gonna read about nice and tender colourful stuff every week, and share the worlds of creative crafts people.

The age of arts and crafts had already reached an interesting step with the democratization of heart-shaped stickers and glittering pens your mum now uses to decorate empty jam jars. She didn’t tell you, but she was trying to imitate some very nice decorative item she saw once in that arts and crafts fair, she doesn’t remember when or where. But you obviously don’t want to take the risk neither to make such a gift for Christmas, nor to receive it – whichever is the worst. Well, then, I’d strongly recommend to skim through the pages of the used-to-be-only a magazine

So what is this? A running cupcake wearing a spotted dress? Well…. yes. Hum-Gum is all about this kind of cute universe, colourful and sparkling, creative and lovely. It’s bubbled up by bloggers who either have their own chronicle every week (design, photo of the week, funny architecture, best ideas ever to decorate your room…) or build up their own space – their own blog – under the benevolent eye of the Hum-Gum dream team. Most of them are people who master the art of making cool stuff with their own hands. Their blogs’ topics will range from yummy food recipes to funny fashion items such.

It’s a young girl’s world, but also an original woman’s. And the great news about this is that last week, hear me, the great activity of the magazine-blog has been launched: you can now SHOP everything you can see on the different creative blogs. Which totally makes sense and completes the Hum-Gum experience: after admiring and desiring the beautiful objects (jewels, lamps, clothes, cushions…) creative by gifted hands, you can now go ahead a click “Buy”. And then become the happy owner of this original piece your Mum was desperately trying to copy. It’s a French Magazine, but I guess you girls will be able to overcome this small language obstacle to acquire your fabulous gift.

To promote this new part of the website, Hum-Gum has made a selection of the best items of the moment, visible on their home page. My personal favourite tonight: the blog L’Echarlotte, feat. the white china jewels that are just delightful. Of course available to shop via the website !! Yeeeheee ! Excited?


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