chronicle #13 What nature wants, it takes back

December 29, 2011 § 3 Comments

You could almost expect someone to appear at a window, and still, all these ruins around have already been reclaimed by nature. That old hospital near Potsdam, in Beelitz-Heilstaetten has been covered up after being bombed in WWII. Now all that’s left is a magnificent building whose skeleton struggles to hatch from the bricked walls. Trees have grown up in what used to be individual bedrooms for people suffering from lung disease. They have nourished from pure soil versus air contamination. Standing there in the middle of a desert corridor, hearing the remote sound of the cars speeding on the countryside road not so far make it even more surreal.

Silence, only the sound of wind, and this peculiar instant when you look through what used to be a window and a gust of wind comes and strokes your face ghostly. Ghost of the past haunting the place? Still, it’s so peaceful. My friend who was discovering the place at the same time remarked rightly how amazing and wonderful rotten things could be. And this is how nature takes back what we imposed to her, and leaves us with that feeling of incomprehension and smallness.


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