(wwl) stories of dragons, part 3

March 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

Last chapter – but not least – on dragons. This post is about how they continue to people our cultures and folk’s tales. Well first of all I must say that I come from a Chinese family, so I have heard tales of dragons for my entire childhood. Somehow I guess I have always wanted to believe they exist, even if today, I must admit it is unlikely. But still. They’re vivid. They’re here in our fantasy books, in our most famous fairytales. Take our reference, Tolkien’s The Hobbit. Smaug appears as the traditional dragon, craving for treasures, jealously guarding his mountain of  gold. In some ways, doesn’t this figure just remind you of human greediness? But this is not our topic. Or consider another literary saga, McAffrey’s series Dragonriders of Pern : there, chosen human beings can bind spiritually with dragons and become riders of justice and power. Doesn’t this slightly remind you of the moment in Cameron’s Avatar when the hero – excuse me for forgetting his name … – links his sort of hair-tail to that of the … dragon creature?

Anyway, in Asian cultures too, and most of all, dragons are still present. They’ve always been the symbol of the emperor and symbol of power they will remain. Every Spring festival we’re celebrating the dragon god by a dance lead by hyper trained acrobats. They also practice martial arts in order to do this dance : the dragon is strongly linked to the physical and mental strength required to be good at martial arts. And, coincidence or not, wasn’t Bruce Lee named “Little Dragon”? You can also find the godly creatures in other sports, the dragonboat rowing activity for instance. Have you ever seen dragon boats? They’re beautiful. This sport actually comes from a legend : the great Dragon lives in the Yellow river and to honour him, the celebration and competition of the boats is organized each year.

They are plenty of other instances, but I wish to conclude this short series on dragons with Cartier’s last advertisement,L’Odyssée… just amazing. Please endorse the skin of a snow panther and meet with the great golden dragon.


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