chronicle #16 My heart keeps beating like a hammer

October 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

I know I have been silent for quite a long time. T&D was slowly disappearing and becoming quiet. The reason for this wasn’t that I didn’t want to write anymore. Actually I have been┬áthinking about the blog all the time, I needed to create a new organization, a better one, that would be a hybrid between my life and reflections. I wanted it to be a place where you could share my research, but also read a little bit about the moments in my life, about my discoveries, things I love and that should be shared! So now, T&D is divided into several categories (that can be found on the right-hand side).

So now let’s start the exploration again! I have plenty of things in store to share with you: loads of things have happened since I last wrote! And one of them was my discovery of a great band : Metric (their YouTube’s channel). I keep having one of their songs in my head, called “Help I’m alive”. But now I’m going to share another one, that makes me vibrate as well :

Gimme Sympathy

After all of this is gone

Who would you rather be

The Beatles or the Rolling Stones

Oh seriously

You’re gonna make mistakes, you’re young

Come on, baby, sing me a song then,

Like here comes the sun



I don’t know why I love their music so much. I guess it’s because of the mystery surrounding them (yes, there’s a kind of mystery, in the words, in the sound, in the chords…). They seem to evolve in a dream-like world that looks like the one I kind of live in too. Where I close my eyes and listen to Metric, I just fly away.


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