(fash) Pola9 – An encounter between instantaneity and eternity

November 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

The moment is the measuring unit of a life. Some can be so intense they seem to last eternally.

Last winter, I started to work with two friends – both great guys – who wanted to launch their t-shirt brand. Actually, I had been invited at a birthday party in a  Parisian bar – the Mecano, if you wondered – and was sitting near a friend of a friend of the friend who was celebrating a birthday. Quite a remote connection, so. And I don’t know how we came to have that conversation, but I heard myself saying “Oh yeah, of course I can write in English and give you a hand with the translation” – and my inner self was saying “Working for a tshirt brand! How great!”. Well, and this all resulted in my participating into a project that just came to life a couple of weeks ago :

Pola 9.

Pola 9 - Scientists


Pola9 - Crusty Car

Crusty Car

Pola 9 - Nature


Pola 9 - Noughts & Crosses

Noughts & Crosses

What I did for them was writing and translating the texts on the website.

Why do I love this project? Well first because I like the nostalgia expressed through the quality of light in polaroids. It’s something special, isn’t it? Few cameras can produce the same effect – if none. And second, I like the way they try to unite two dimensions – past and present – very trendy nowadays. Yes, trendy, exactly: see the Instagram trend that is absolutely dominating. Pola9 is a bit of a reflection of what our generation is trying to express: the need to grow up from vintage roots, because the aesthetics of the previous decades cannot be denied, they have to be at the foundations of our visual imagination. It’s a way to convey disappearing emotions. It’s also a way to pretend we live in a lasting world while the worlds goes much too fast for us.

Follow Pola 9 on Facebook  and on Twitter : @P0LA9


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