(wwl) ruins?

November 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

I have a deep love for ruins. I guess you knew that, especially when I posted about that hospital near Berlin last winter (see article). That’s why I always feel thrilled when I see wonderful pictures of “places with memories”. This is the title of a series of photographs made by Alfonso Batalla, a Spanish artist who tells tales of abandon through ruined spaces. Frightful? Objects with a past always seem a bit eerie. Don’t you think they keep a certain part of soul, somehow?

I’ve always wondered why we had the feeling that something was kept alive in these sorts of places… I mean, is it because we know or imagine people have occupied those spaces and lived there, felt things there, slept and kissed there? Or is it because we desire to feel there has been life there ? I really wonder to what extent we are able to feel what people left in unoccupied forsaken places. I think I’ve always wanted to believe something would happen, I would see a sign, some kind of signal from outer life that would tell me the story of one abandoned place. But This never really happened. Maybe I wanted it too bad. Maybe all these impressions of forsaken presence is just an illusion I want to be real.

Especially these photographs recall an era that is over now. The industrial age. Well, you know what I mean. deserted factories, ghosts of workers and dead voices of manufacturers. A world some still fight for, although I don’t really know if that world – with all its injustices – was worth fighting for… What is actually worth fighting for is the human beings behind these objects.


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