(fash) haute couture disney princesses

November 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

More evidence that Disney princesses go on fascinating us after so many years and so many stories, is that Harrods Magazine just re-imagined them in a haute couture version for their new campaign. Beautiful pictures to prepare us to the magic of Xmas celebrations. I want to say there’s something I really enjoy : seeing cartoon characters embodied by human figures. It’s like a dream come true, isn’t it ? Who hasn’t ever dreamt of being a Disney character ? Enjoy, little girl.

I think my favourite one is Princess Aurora… I have a crush for the tale of Sleeping Beauty. Actually, I read a version of that tale one day that pointed to an obvious fact : when time catches up with the princess, obviously she is 100 years old already, so she stays awake for a couple of seconds, sees her prince, loves him with a smile, and dies… Beautiful interpretation and quite true. But this is yet another story, isn’t it ? I’ll let you enjoy the video made by Harrods, instead of telling you about sad fairytales.


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