chronicle #17 what I liked in Sam Mendès’s Skyfall

November 11, 2012 § Leave a comment


Glencoe, Scotland, 2012. Main character : Daniel Craig as Agent 007, aka James Bond. Featuring Judi Dench as M. And a handful of other very good actors, although I didn’t appreciate Javier Bardem’s character as much as I could have, I guess.

There are a lot of things I really like in the movie. The rhythm was perfectly maintained as the story unrolled. There was no action for the sake of action, not so many explosions or gadgets. Everything went smoothly and was perfectly timed. I found it was a wise choice to make the movie unfold the way it did because it was coherent with the main message of the movie: the difficult transition between past methods that can seem obsolete and new ways of conceiving the world that can sometimes go too fast. It clearly left us time to think about it.

There was mainly something about the geography elected for the movie. An alternation between ancient, supra-modern, traditional, abandoned and historical.

Of course, I felt elated by the part in Scotland. Where could Bond come from if not from this country of real men and wild legends? Where else could the movie end than in a country that still combines ancient stories, methods, and modern cities? I loved entering the Skyfall Manor, with its great chandeliers and the cold icy air you could almost feel through the narrow windows. It reminded me of the castles still standing up there.

And the secret tunnel.. the tunnel. Loved the tunnel, of course: everything that is underground is so exciting. I would like to point the interesting fact that Kincade points out that when Bond’s parents died, he stayed in that tunnel, for two days under the moor. “And when he came out, he wasn’t a little boy anymore”. As if the land had given second birth to the man himself. 

Actually, I would say Skyfall provided a travel through time thanks to the places crossed. Past, present, future. I would especially like to draw a parallel between Shanghai the Superb and the forsaken (Chinese?) island off the coast of… where actually? An abandoned place that has suddenly grown old because of the lie of a mad man. Lies that wear out the world we used to know. I’ll let you think about this… latest Bond adventure, highly recommended.

Oh, and don’t forget to listen to Adele’s wonderful voice:


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