(wwl) trays from the animal realm, via La Basilica Galeria

November 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Remember the Barcelona jewellery shop La Basilica Galeria I told you about, well, already one year ago? It’s an enchanting place. Nested in the heart of the Barrio Gothic – if I remember well – this gallery-shop kept me fascinated for all that time because unfortunately, I didn’t get to spend enough time over there. Lately, the trays with animal heads I had seen hanging on the walls back then, with no author name, appeared on my Facebook wall… and I was like : “Oh my god! These are the strange trays I liked so much!”. So I wrote a word on the shop’s blog, asking for the craftsman’s name.

They happen to be made by a French atelier actually! Chauvinistic parenthesis: I’m always proud when reviewing French artists. And so, yeah, the trays are made by Ibride, an “Atelier de Création” based in the east of France. They make a lot of these hybrid creatures dressed in 18th and 19th century costumes. I like the idea of matching an animal to a human being. Partly because I find it amusing, partly because I suspect we all have an animal within us. Well and another point is that animals remain the symbols of all sorts of ideas and feelings. For example, hereabove, the birds ideally represent love. Don’t ask me why, they’re just the perfect animals to figure it.

My favourite series by Ibride is entitled “Les Dandys” – unsurprisingly. Discover the animal side of Rastignac, Bel-Ami, Dantès…

All 36 trays of these collections are sold in La Basilica Galeria: everyday, a new tray is posted on the website. And if you like the shop, don’t forget to follow their Facebook page!

All pictures properties of La Basilica Galeria.


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