(wwl) the tiffany-twisted princesses

December 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

Merry Christmas all !

I’m sorry, this post is not going to be appropriate for an evening like these. You probably have spent the last 24 hours surrounded by your family and that’s good. Maybe you’ve also been surrounded by children, and maybe you’ve been watching Disney movies for a short while because they needed to get concentrated on something. Well, then, it’s time to get this a little twisty!  I know this has been buzzing for some time now but I never get the chance to post anything these days because of my work.

I stumbled upon this funny series of twisted Disney princesses a couple of weeks ago and found it funny as it’s really in fashion now to make all these variations on these poor princesses (The Galeries Lafayette in Paris, Harrodd’s in London etc.) They do embody children’s dreams don’t they? I just loved the way artist Jeffrey Thomas reinterprets them into zombies, witches and other obscure characters.

Discover more on Jeffrey Thomas’s portfolio.


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