chronicle #18 best wishes from prague

January 6, 2013 § Leave a comment

Happy new year !


It’s 2013 already. We survived the fake 50786th end of the world and my greatest regret is definitely that it was no zombie attack. Pity.

As everybody else, I promised myself to do more sports and eat less, you know to better fit in the fashionable skinny silhouette everybody pretend to like today. The first week of january was more or less dedicated to detox. But today is the kings’ celebration day so I guess detox time is over for a while. As every other blogger, I also resolutely said to myself I would make an effort to blog more. So as the first post for 2013, this is going to be dedicated to my New Year’s Eve visit in Prague.

The capital of Czech Republic is lovely. The architecture is amazing, the people always ready for a good laugh and the city full of treasures. It has been a very inspiring holiday. I experienced the biggest fireworks ever in my short life, on Wenceslas’s Avenue, and all fired by private people. And no one got hurt, it was just pure fun – tell me again why our governments find it useful to forbid fireworks again? Whatever. Here are a couple of pictures I made there.












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