(wwl) sleeping beauty

January 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

You’ll say that I’m obsessed with dreams, and you won’t be far from reality. When you wake up and you feel you’ve had an unbelievable and unreachable experience during your sleep, you wish you could re-live your dreams so that you could feel the exact same weird sensations again. This happens to me all the time. Plus, I always get the feeling that my dreams are so much more exciting than real life.  and also much more bizarre.

I often wake up with that strange impression that I’ve visited another world. I never have good dreams. I often have nightmares and this has been lasting for a very long time now (up to 10 years I guess). But strangely enough, I find this more fascinating than having erotic dreams or such. In my dreams, they’re always magical elements and epic situations. There’s always someone to save from monsters or zombies. I’m never myself but another character who seeks a way out. It rarely ends well. I never die but I never succeed either.

The worlds of my dreams are always very ambivalent. That’s why I like them.

This is what Ramona Ring‘s illustrations remind me of. Some of my dreams seem/look/feel exactly the same. Disproportioned nonsensical figures people my sleep.

This is a series the German illustrator made for DIE ZEIT magazine for their issue “sleeping”.

Sleep tight babies.








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