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April 28, 2013 § Leave a comment

A year and a couple of months ago, I posted about an abandoned hospital I had explored with a friend in Germany, in a town calledĀ Beelitz-Heilstaetten. Built in 1898, the place was intended to be a sanatorium for the victims of tuberculosis, but was then used as a military hospital during WW1 & WW2. It also has a more macabre story as, apparently, the place was the theatre of 6 murders byt the hand of a necrophilic serial killer… Then it was left to collapse.

Here is a video entitled “Malaise”, made by German creative Christian Schmeer. I like the way he transcripted the exact sensations you can feel when you set foot into that place, even though when I had been there, the weather was less grim and so you could feel somewhat less oppressed. What makes me feel even stranger while watching this video is that I have also entered the part of the hospital that is still in service. The exact replica of the structure exists indeed and keeps being a functional hospital, where people live and work. You just have to cross the road to reach it, and it isĀ very strange. You can almost travel through time when you get to enter both.

Malaise from Christian Schmeer on Vimeo.


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