(wwl) these animal sculptures that are narratives

June 4, 2013 § Leave a comment

I have fallen in love with Ellen Jewett’s sculptures. They seem to come from another world, I love the aesthetics and their dream-like appearance. As her bio says, “she grew up among snails […] To Ellen, sculpting has always been about life; biological narratives, emotions, movement, balance and observations about life’s subtleties and overtures. Her aesthetic ranges from the hyper-real, to the surreal,fantastic, and the grotesque.”. I find her work thrilling and fascinating. As if a whole ecosystem was coming to life from the insides of the sculpted animals.

Swift cat

Bison with crows

Willow wolf

Ethereal bird

Caribou of burden

Tall tiger with lanterns

River otter

I don’t know why, these sculptures speak to me in the bowels (crude formulation but I’m feeling exactly this), as if they were telling me a deep, smooth and intense fairytale. I love the movement the animals make, their postures are both natural and surreal at the same time. They seem to come from a world of ambiguity, half-way from reality and dreams. They are proper fairytales! (can you feel my enthusiasm?)

>> To see more dream-like animals, please visit Ellen Jewett’s Portfolio.

I discovered this via designtaxi.com


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