smilla smiles: because kindness keeps the world afloat

June 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

I found this video a couple of weeks ago and was immediately attracted by the positive tweet accompanying it: “The kindness boomerang passes positivity from person to person on a single block.” Now I must admit each time I watch it, I almost start to cry, because I find it so emotional. I am a very sensitive person when it comes to acts of kindness, courage or bravery. I never loose hope that we humans have the power to change the world, our world, only if we want to. I am sure if people with evil intentions can work their way out, people with good ones can even more do so.

It is a very inspiring and touching video showing how kindness spreads from one person to another through one single deed. You don’t need to accomplish great actions in order to be filled with gratefulness from other or even satisfaction with yourself. It starts right at the corner, as soo as you step out of your home, or take up the phone. In every action you take or decision you make, there can be something good sprouting out of it, we must keep this in mind… and always try our best.

I know it’s not always easy and that most of the time, it’s easier not to think than to make an effort. It’s not that we’re evil people, it’s just that our mind is not set up on a default positive mode (cf. This is water). Let’s try and switch on, simple things don’t cost us anything, or so little. Happy day!


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