smilla smiles: news of the feet project

July 6, 2013 § Leave a comment

I told you about the Feet Project a couple of weeks ago, started by my friend and mentor Lilzeon and his team at the London-based agency RE-UP. Yeah, come on, I did! There was even a photograph of my feet in their favourite environment (shoes).

It is a collaborative project in which people tell stories about their relationship to their feet. Some people love them, some don’t really realise how important they can be until they’re asked about them, some hate them. Some feet are beautiful, some are not. Well, they come in all sorts of shapes! This projects shade some new light on a part of our body that is often neglected in our western society (while fashion is damn obsessed with shoes, paradoxically enough – but aren’t feet the main reason why we should wear shoes? – anyway.) while in eastern civilisation, and I will mention China here, the importance of feet through reflexology  is common and admitted. It reminds me of that story my Mum always tell me : when her parents first welcomed Chinese guests at their table, and my mum was old enough to realise, they took of their shoes at the end of the meal and started massaging their feet. Yes, just like that, without warning. Although she found it a bit surprising, even shocking in the first place, having grown up in a relatively westernized environment herself, she soon realised they were practising reflexology : massaging the sensitive points on their feet. It was just another way to end the meal in a nice way. It’s always about cultural perceptions in the end.

Long story short, I let myself drift away. What I wanted to share, guys, is that the teaser for the Feet Project is out! And I strongly recommend to watch it before the whole thing is up! Here it is:

The Feet Project teaser from RE-UP on Vimeo.



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