(wwl) these illuminations next door

July 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

Chandelier tree silver lake 1

I was gazing yesterday night towards the screen of my computer, as each night when sleep is scarce. Silence was releasing the tension of the last days… I feel thankful for the upcoming week-end. As I was rummaging through the nightly contents of the Internet, I stumbled upon a sweet street installation: the Chandelier Tree.

This magical tree grows up at the corner of a street in the neighbourhood of Silver Lake, LA. It’s growing big and strong, but the most impressive is that… it grows chandeliers! Yes, yes, it does. And these lights illuminate the streets in a soft serene glimmer. The creator of this peculiar installation needed 6 days years to set it up. He hanged the chandelier with the help of his roommate. I like the sparkle in his eyes, he has laughing eyes. They hanged the first chandelier above the street, so that the neighbours could see it (and to test their reactions). And they loved it. Adam Tenenbaum wanted it to be “unique but not overwhelming and gaudy.” Some of the chandeliers were given by people. Some of them are broken, some other were built from scratch and some even have names given by children from around!

Chandelier Tree Silver Lake 3

As it requires quite much power though, the neighbours are invited to participate in the effort of making their environment sweeter… and can contribute by dropping coins in a repurposed parking meter. It’s such a beautiful way of sharing light and goodness. Art making people’s life sweeter. We humans love and need light. We’re fascinating by lights that draw us away from our own shadows.

It’s such a beautiful idea. I wish we could all enjoy the lights and shadows of such a chandelier tree. I would gaze in wonder at its quiet baroque flames, and softly close my eyelids to think how we can make our world a bit more beautiful.



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