the Toad and the Diamond: tales and chronicles of a double-edged life is about how art and literature can make the ordinary extraordinary and a nightmare beautiful (and vice versa). It is about fascination for the strange wonders inhabiting our ambivalent world. It is about daily discoveries. We live in an age of enchanted tales. The only thing that prevents us from seeing it is that we are closing our eyes. But even inside our minds, several worlds pile up. This is about how art takes us beneath and beyond.

This blog is named after a poem by Scottish writer Norman McCaig:


Stop looking like a purse. How could a purse
Squeeze under the rickety door and sit,
Full of satisfaction in a man’s house?

You clamber towards me on your four corners –
Right hand, left foot, left hand, right foot.

I love you for being a toad,
For crawling like a Japanese wrestler,
And for not being frightened

I put you in my purse hand not shutting it,
And set you down outside directly under
Every star.

A jewel in your head? Toad,
You’ve put one in mine,
A tiny radiance in a dark place.

Legend has it that if you crack a toad’s skull, you’ll find a diamond. T&D talks about ambiguity and duality. So this is all about how our world can be ambiguous, and how my life is definitely full of fascinating mysteries born from the weird sublime. Enjoy.


Words are lost treasures. Spread them:

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