(fash) haute couture disney princesses

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More evidence that Disney princesses go on fascinating us after so many years and so many stories, is that Harrods Magazine just re-imagined them in a haute couture version for their new campaign. Beautiful pictures to prepare us to the magic of Xmas celebrations. I want to say there’s something I really enjoy : seeing cartoon characters embodied by human figures. It’s like a dream come true, isn’t it ? Who hasn’t ever dreamt of being a Disney character ? Enjoy, little girl.

I think my favourite one is Princess Aurora… I have a crush for the tale of Sleeping Beauty. Actually, I read a version of that tale one day that pointed to an obvious fact : when time catches up with the princess, obviously she is 100 years old already, so she stays awake for a couple of seconds, sees her prince, loves him with a smile, and dies… Beautiful interpretation and quite true. But this is yet another story, isn’t it ? I’ll let you enjoy the video made by Harrods, instead of telling you about sad fairytales.


(fash) Pola9 – An encounter between instantaneity and eternity

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The moment is the measuring unit of a life. Some can be so intense they seem to last eternally.

Last winter, I started to work with two friends – both great guys – who wanted to launch their t-shirt brand. Actually, I had been invited at a birthday party in a  Parisian bar – the Mecano, if you wondered – and was sitting near a friend of a friend of the friend who was celebrating a birthday. Quite a remote connection, so. And I don’t know how we came to have that conversation, but I heard myself saying “Oh yeah, of course I can write in English and give you a hand with the translation” – and my inner self was saying “Working for a tshirt brand! How great!”. Well, and this all resulted in my participating into a project that just came to life a couple of weeks ago :

Pola 9.

Pola 9 - Scientists


Pola9 - Crusty Car

Crusty Car

Pola 9 - Nature


Pola 9 - Noughts & Crosses

Noughts & Crosses

What I did for them was writing and translating the texts on the website.

Why do I love this project? Well first because I like the nostalgia expressed through the quality of light in polaroids. It’s something special, isn’t it? Few cameras can produce the same effect – if none. And second, I like the way they try to unite two dimensions – past and present – very trendy nowadays. Yes, trendy, exactly: see the Instagram trend that is absolutely dominating. Pola9 is a bit of a reflection of what our generation is trying to express: the need to grow up from vintage roots, because the aesthetics of the previous decades cannot be denied, they have to be at the foundations of our visual imagination. It’s a way to convey disappearing emotions. It’s also a way to pretend we live in a lasting world while the worlds goes much too fast for us.

Follow Pola 9 on Facebook  and on Twitter : @P0LA9

(fash) bag up the armadillo

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I’m normally not crazy about Louis Vuitton – at all. The monograms are simply not my thing. But I’m really fond of animals and bags in general, so when I saw the “Maroquinaris Zoologicae” collection by Billie Achilleos for LV, my heart melted.

The whole collection is visible on Louis Vuitton Facebook page.

(fash) walking in Giverny with Van Gogh #lfw11

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Summer will be floral. It’s been quite a while I wanted to post this article but somehow, it got lost among my drafts and I forgot about it. However I’m feeling that the exceptional temperatures we’re currently enjoying in Paris make it a special opportunity to go back on a clear trend of NYFW and LFW: the impressionist painted floral patterns. I know I can sound a bit obsessed with flowers – which might be true – but obviously, I’m not the only one. So, apprently, designers have been inspired by impressionist master Monet, who used to take long walks in his domain in Giverny, France. That’s where he painted the famous series of the Nympheas (below) and thus made us realise the colours of the world weren’t necessarily as we perceived them in the first place. Change your iris.

Brushpaints and floralescent colours, that’s what we get in Christopher Kane‘s S/S 12 collection, as well as in Erdem‘s, a bit in Jenny Packham‘s (small flowers thrown on white canvas), like in Kinder Aggugini‘s. But that’s not all. Gouache was not the only painting medium that inspired fashion designers this time. We also find a bit of watercolour in Lela Rose‘s creations, swirling into abstract orchids. Interesting as we already observed this trend in mass ready-to-wear two years ago (I clearly remember buying a watercolour-pattern dress in Manoukian back then).


But of course, 19th century painters could not be complete without Master Van Gogh, whom Rodarte didn’t hesitate to  call for. Away the trembling references to Monet. Here, dress is the canvas. Dress in the painting.


This reminds us that far from its first function of body covering, dress has always had a decorative function, before turning into proper art. Long before we invented the Fashion Weeks to serve the purposes of this that regents us, Fashion industry, painters and artists found in dress the meaning of the body. Arising it to the level of art made it possible  to be employed as an expression of wearer’s inner sense of aesthetic – if it exists. And here, “upper” art finally collide with fashion, that doesn’t even belong to the series of the traditional arts, because it never lost its functional aspect of dressing the body. Because of its useful aspect, never will it completely be called art, won’t it? So is this a tribute? A challenge? A sarcasm? Well… this is to be debated. In the meantime, sunflowers have escaped from their vases.

(fash) my satin blooming girl #nyfw11

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Summer 2012’s gonna be floralescent. And east-oriental. Not only have the eastern designers been standing out of the crowd for the past few years, but this season clearly shows that orientalism is on the rise. Kimono shaped dresses, obi knots tightly made and Mao collars, all offset by satin flower-patterns fabrics, everything is done to arouse in us, viewers, the deep desire to travel east. Trend is ethnic, but among this trend, stands out the fascination for minimalist Japanese and Chinese traditional costumes. Models look like modern Japanese etchings come to life. As clear-cut geishas, they disobey the rules of No theatre and fastly walk along the runway though. In the meantime, re-drawn Chinese hostesses from In the Mood for Love carelessly turn into tomboys… Everything in fluidity, soft satin and silk moves. Gestures disappear in-between the rustles of smooth shiny petals.

Besides, many models are Asian. I’d even say Chinese, but I wouldn’t dare too much.

*Flower patterns and eastern cuts: Rachel Roy, Alexandre Herchcovitch, NAHM, Duro Olowu, Jenny Packham, Wes Gordon.


*Basso & Brooke, Julian Louie and Prabal Gurung: Modern revisiting of the floralescent pattern, and patchworking it to make the body invisible to the eye.

*Vivienne Tam “trying to transform a Zen Garden into clothes.”

And peonias go on blooming, while the dead leaves start to fall down again…

ALL pictures taken from STYLE.COM

(fash) and in a dream I will dress up and fly #nyfw11

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Fashion Week time has begun. New York opening of course, for S/S 12. For some strange reason, I’m usually not really into NYFW. I always catch the trend-train somewhat late and end up starting following catwalks right in the middle of London FW, skipping most of Milan and arriving at the end of Paris’s. But this year, things are different, or I’m hoping they are. I managed to follow some of the early shows in New York, hurray! So, quickly, a selection of my favourite collections in these last days: Derek Lam, Thakoon, Carlos Miele, Rachel Roy and my utmost favourite so far: Jen Kao.

— Remarks: several designers chose to play the trump card of the multiculti multicouloured trend this year. Fragrances and hues of Asia and Africa humming in the air… Derek Lam opted for some work wear X moroccan  mucharrabieh style, Thakoon repeated Indian patterns and Sari cuts X modern cuts, Rachel Roy decided that Mao collars and traditional Chinese peonies X minimalist outfits would perfectly suit our moods for individuality and globe-trotting, but also our everlasting desires for western simplicity. Not too sophisticated, not too unsophisticated. Fashion must take us beyond this: express our personality without hustling up too much our need for normality. Hasn’t this always been the challenge for ready-to-wear, ever since fashion became available to the masses? Yes, Sir.


Carlos Miele

Rachel Roy

Derek Lam

Why Jen Kao has enchanted me — Well, no need to tell you that I’m in love with birds and smooth fluid movements recalling their flights. No need either to say that I praise the woman who embraces the nature and its breath. So to me, that’s exactly what Jen Kao’s outfits do: they sublimate the woman-bird, she’s free in her outfits, taking this from the lightness and brightness of African dresses. I truly love the way fabrics and patterns are arranged together, so that the woman looks like a growing blooming plant, on which a white bird-hat would come to nestle.

ALL catwalk PICTURES taken from STYLE.COM

(fash) old style new style and we get around

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Round round round I get around! A very nice entertaining video showing 100 years of fashion in East London, in 100 seconds. So Fashion evolves yes, like a rollercoaster. I’m loving 0’28 to 0’46!

Thanks to Yann for sending me this. Enjoy.

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