Content guide: T&D categories

This blog is divided into 6 distinct categories that you can freely explore on the right hand-side :

i. CHRONICLES (code #) – contains all my thoughts and reflections about a movie, a song, an exhibition I have seen/discovered. Can also relate a situation I have lived, a day I have enjoyed… in a nutshell, my life.

ii. WONDERWASTELAND (code wwl) – is the place I store all stories that have nothing to do with my daily life but that I love writing about nevertheless. Will often – not to say always – related to some ambiguous and ambivalent form or piece of art.

iii. REMINISCENCES XIX (code remXIX) – refers to all the content that deals with the 19th century, this period of time that fascinates me. Will mostly refer to literature and 19th century fashion.

iv. (OLD)FASHIONED (code fash) – contains plenty of thoughts about fashion, in all its forms, because I am a huge fan of fashion designers and I love clothes and accessories. they are beauty.

v. THE SHERLOCK CHEST (code sherlock) – is about my work on Sherlock Holmes, and other thoughts about his adventures…

vi. SMILLA SMILES (code Smilla smiles) – is a special category. Gathers all positive and inspirational content I discover and like to talk about. Goes together with my tumblr, on which I put a lot of things that inspire me and push me forward.


Words are lost treasures. Spread them:

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